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Northeastern Illinois University's Center for College Access and Success creates support systems for first-generation students,

their families, and their schools to make their dream of a college education a reality.

Post-Secondary Degrees for all Students

The Center for College Access and Success (CCAS) is Northeastern Illinois University's educational outreach center to PreK-12 schools and their communities in the Chicago area.

42 Years

in Education

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NEIU CCAS Annual Report is Now Available.

We are honored to share the 2021 Annual Report with you.

CenterSpace | Maker Space is Now Open by Appointment Only

We are now open for in-person services. Please go to our CenterSpace section to make and appointment.

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NEIU Dual Enrollment
Fall 2022

Get a Jump Start on College. 

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Free College Classes for High School Students 

Northeastern Illinois University’s College

of Arts and Sciences is offering a great opportunity for high school students to get

an early college experience, supported

by scholarships! 


Experience college class rigor at NEIU this summer as a high school student.